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Direct-Bonded Prosthetic

An advanced technique

for replacing removable dental appliance

without implant surgery or traditional bridgework


  Removable dental appliances can be annoying, unaesthetic, and may even diminish confidence in your smile. Dental appliances are a lot like dental retainers, but have prosthetic teeth positioned to replace a missing tooth

Until now, if your smile had a missing anterior tooth, your only options for an attractive smile were a removable dental appliance, dental implants, or fixed bridgework. 

Dental implants require a prosthetic root be surgically implanted into the bone tissue of the jaw to support a prosthetic tooth. 

Fixed bridgework replaces a missing tooth by preparing adjacent teeth for crowns, and affixing a prosthetic tooth between the two crowns as a single unit, hence the name bridge.   Adjacent teeth must be permanently altered to support the bridgework.

Using advanced materials and techniques, the cosmetic dentist can now bond a prosthetic tooth directly to the adjacent teeth without permanently altering the adjacent teeth or performing implant surgery.   This procedure is known as a direct-bonded prosthetic, and has proven to be an excellent option for replacing missing anterior teeth. 

If you have a missing anterior tooth, please ask us about direct-bonded prosthetics.   We would be happy to restore your smile.