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The loss of an anterior tooth can be particularly devastating to esthetics, image, and a sense of well-being.  Every effort must be taken to retain natural teeth, but when a fractured root would otherwise biologically compromise oral health, a therapeutic extraction and restoration becomes necessary.

Simple extraction techniques can lead to a collapse of natural gum and bone tissue contours
further compromises esthetics and complicates restoration.

Should it ever become necessary for you to undergo a tooth extraction and restoration, request the expert skills of a cosmetic dentist who can apply advanced atraumatic extraction and grafting techniques, and enhance soft tissue contours — giving the prosthetic tooth a natural looking gingival emergence profile and gum line contour.
Here, we see the results of a precision therapeutic extraction and gingival reconstruction with three unit porcelain bridge and veneers.





Pre-existing Crown with fractured root.

Fractured root required extraction.



Percision gingival surgery to reconstruct a naturally appearing gum. Shown with 3-unit porcelain bridge.